Here, you can enter our Download Center and find the latest version of the DADman software for Windows and Mac, firmware updates for our products, Audinate Dante software and various drivers. You can also get our brochures as well as guides and documentation. 

And if you need product-specific, technical support, please contact us at When you send a support request via email, please always include the following information: 

  • Serial number of the unit.

  • Firmware version installed in the unit.

  • Version of the DADman software that you use. 

  • Screendump of the Device List from DADman so we can see the hardware configuration of the unit. 

  • If you have an issue with a monitor profile, please also include the monitor profile (.dmprof file) with the e-mail. 

  • If you have a Dante-related issue or question, please include a screendumps of the tabs 'Device Info', 'Clock Status' and 'Network Status' from Dante Controller with your e-mail. 

  • NOTE! If you have an issue or question concerning the Avid MTRX, including the use of the DADman software in combination with the MTRX, please contact Avid for support. 

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