NTP introduces new Pro|Mon|2 monitor control software

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19-12-2016 kl. 13:21

NTP Technology, a world leader in the design and production of audio routing and signal processing systems, has introduced two new additions to its product range.

Pro|Mon|2 is a complete monitor control solution for the DAD AX32 and DX32 converter interfaces. MOM (Monitor Operating Module) is a stand-alone control unit for controlling dedicated monitor functions in a Pro|Mon|2 monitor control system. 

NEW: Pro|Mon|2 monitor control software

The NTP Technology Pro|Mon|2 takes monitor control to a new level as a versatile audio router and stand-alone monitor control solution using NTP Technology's DADman 5.1 control software, the DAD AX32 or DX32 converter I/O and processor interfaces. Optionally the new MOM (Monitor Operating Module) remote control unit can be used for table top operation. 

Pro|Mon|2 enables DAD AX32 and DX32 to operate as a monitor control system covering applications for music recording studios, location music recording as well as small and large post production facilities. Pro|Mon|2 provides management of signal routing, control room speaker levels and monitor cues in any channel format including stereo, 5.1, 7.1.4, Dolby Atmos and other 3D and immersive audio formats. 

Multiple monitors and cue outputs in various channel formats can be configured with individual cue mix functionality and dedicated monitor mixing. Adjustable parameters include level, pan, cut, mute and even folddown from, for example, a 5.1 multichannel format. All setting and configuration can be saved and recalled, allowing monitor configurations to be changed quickly and easily. 

"Pro|Mon|2 and DADman 5.1 support 64 bit Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows which gives a more responsive feel," comments NTP Technology Sales Director Mikael Vest.  "It also provides full compatibility with the Avid Eucon 64 bit protocol which we have adopted as a Eucon connectivity partner. 

Most of the Pro|Mon|2 controls are available via Eucon and can be configuredin detail  on Eucon-enabled control surfaces as the Avid S6, Avid S3, Avid Pro Tools Dock and the Pro Tools Control iPad app for wireless cue mix and monitor control." 

Basic control is performed via DADman control software. Additional operations can be handled via Ethernet using one or more of MOM stand-alone control units and well as the Avid surfaces via the Eucon control protocol. All controllers will be in perfect sync. Multiple control rooms and monitors can also be controlled individually by the various control devices.

NEW: MOM (Monitor Operating Module) 

NTP Technology's MOM (Monitor Operating Module) is a stand-alone control unit for configuring and adjusting dedicated monitor functions in a Pro|Mon|2 monitor control system. 

MOM targets the application of a stand-alone Pro|Mon|2 monitor system consisting of a DAD AX32 or DX32 converter I/O and processor interfaces and the DADman software running on a PC or Apple Mac. MOM connects to the system via Ethernet providing a fully networked solution. 

MOM is a desktop unit providing various adjustments for studio control room level, cut, mute, talkback and speaker reference level. Source and speaker select buttons can be configured to any Pro|Mon|2 input source and speaker or monitor output. One GPI port is available for additional control of Pro Mon 2 functions. 

About NTP Technology

NTP Technology ( produces high-reliability audio routing and signal processing systems for major international broadcasters, audio mastering and editing studios. 

NTP products are integrated into television and radio stations as well as production centres, post-production facilities and outside broadcast vehicles. 

Based in Copenhagen, NTP is part of Dan Technologies Group, one of Europe's leading suppliers of audio, video, transmission products and digital media solutions.


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