The new MADI and AES3 cards plus Cue | Mix and enhanced Pro | Mon functionality for DAD AX32, DX32 and DADman 5.0 is now available

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26-02-2017 kl. 12:46

AX32-new-platform-PictureThe AX32 firmware v 2.0 is a comprehensive new expansion of the existing AX32 Converter functionality, and available as standard in all delivered AX32 and DX32 units. The Firmware of all existing units can easily be upgraded via DADman, and the new firmware and DADman comes free of charge.

Platform 2.0 provides an increase of the matrix capacity to 1,500x1,500 non-blocking cross points for routing and splitting any input signal to one or more outputs signals and all input and output channels has independent level control and audio metering. All input and output signals can be assigned a label which is stored in the unit. 

The summing system has a capacity of 32 output busses and 256 inputs which can be used for Pro | Mon monitor Control and Cue | Mix which is a zero latency cue mixing system in the box.

DADman 5.0 is a redesigned software with an enhanced look and feel supporting the new features of the new platform showing signal level meters on all analogue and digital inputs and outputs. The connection matrix has been made larger for better overview. 

Furthermore, Pro | Mon can be operated fully from DADman 5.0 in parallel with Eucon enabled control surfaces. This also applies for the new Cue | Mix functionality. Note that Cue | Mix requires a Pro | Mon License installed in the unit.

The new AX32 Converter System Firmware v.2.0 provides support for MADI and AES3 I/O cards. In addition, new DADman v.5.0 control software will enable direct control of the AX32 using NTP Technology's existing Pro|Mon and newCue|Mix functionality as well a support allowing control via the Avid Eucon protocol.

The internal signal capacity of the AX32 been increased to 128 input/output channels per card slot. In addition, the internal matrix now has an enhanced capacity of 1,500 x 1,500 crosspoints allowing routing and splitting of signal in any combinationThe AX32's internal processing engine is now capable of providing PPM level information and level control for all 1,500 input and outputs. These can be viewed on a standard PC control screen when viewing signals in the new DADman 5.0 software.

This new functionality in is addition to the 256 x 32 summing processing which is used to provide Pro | Mon monitor control functionality. A user-configurable low latency cue mixer, Cue | Mix, has also been added.

The range of I/O cards for the AX32 has been expanded with the introduction of a dual MADI I/O module plus an 8 Line I/O AES3 (AES/EBU) module with optional sampling rate conversion. These can be installed as plug-in modules and configured from the control software.


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