AX32 Now Ready for macOS Mojave

26-07-2019 kl. 12:47

AX32 Now Ready for macOS Mojave

The DADman software version 5.3.4 now adds macOS Mojave compatibility, and an additional AX32 firmware update (version offers even more features and ease of use.

Our DADman version 5.3.4 is now available for download and adds Apple macOS Mojave compatibility for AX32 and DX32R - and it supports all color profiles. Please note that the DADman version 5.3.4 is also available for Windows.

However, updating your DADman software is only half the bag of goodies! While you're at it, make sure to also update your AX32 firmware to version, which gives you the ability to navigate your connected devices much faster and more easily by adding custom names to external MADI, Dante and SDI interfaces

For Dante channels, the name you have given your Dante devices in the Audinate Dante controller are reflected within the DADman GUI. 

And for MADI devices you can freely name both your inputs and outputs individually, helping you gain a quick overview at a glance.

Finally, if you have one or more of our SDI embedder/de-embedder cards installed in your AX32, you can give each interface a unique name, which is applied to both input and output.

We always strive to support the latest macOS and Windows versions out there. We are, however, painfully aware that this particular Mojave update has been awaited for a while, but please rest assured that keeping up with new versions of operating systems - including macOS and Windows - is indeed a priority to us. 

Just like we strive to keep adding new features and options to our own software and hardware.

Because it is of utmost importance to us that you are have no doubt that our AX-platform is indeed future-proof, ever-evolving and not least a lasting solution for all of your format conversion and audio-routing needs. And we have no plans of changing that!

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