AX 32 | AD/DA Converter (w/ DigiLink)


The original AX32 with Pro Tools DigiLink was equivalent to Avid's MTRX that they have added to their line of Pro Tools interfaces on an OEM licence agreement with us. The original AX32 simply combined first-grade AD/DA conversion with comprehensive digital format conversion and unmatched audio routing, as well as top-notch, optional microphone preamps.

DX32 | Digital Audio Bridge (w/ DigiLink)


DX32 gives you the routing flexibility of the AX32 in a compact format. You can't expand the I/O section to the same extent, but with up to 384x384 audio channels matrix you can virtually create any workflow. And if one is not enough, simply connect multiple units via Dante IP Audio.

AX24 | AD/DA Converter (2-8 Channels)


Musical, Correct, and Flexible. AX24 lets you set up the line and mic channels you need at the sample rate you use. Especially configurations like 2 or 4 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs are perfect when only few analog inputs are used simultaneously, but monitoring in 5.1 is essential.

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