AX24 | 2-8 Channel AD/DA Converter

AX24 is your ultimate choice for an A/D or D/A converter font-end for recording or mastering applications where 2 to 8 channels of analogue inputs or outputs are needed. Designed for flexibility, reliability, easy operation and maximum quality of sound. 

- Fully Modular - 224 different configurations
- Sample rates and I/O structure can be upgraded
- From 2 to 8 analog Line or Mic input channels
- From 2 to 8 analog output channels
- 24 bit PCM sample rates up to 384 kHz
- DXD sample-rate: 352.8 kHz
- DSD sample rates: 64fs & 128 fs
- Digital I/O: MADI, AES3, S/PDIF, TDIF, and ProTools
- Digital DSD formats compatible with MADI and SDIF-3
- Integrated Mic pre with analog gain
- Full remote controllable via RS-422, USB or Ethernet
- Mic pre controls can be represented on the channel strip of major consoles and work stations

Musical. Correct. Flexible. 
AX24 allows you to config the number of line and Mic channels that you need at the sample rate currently used. Analog in and output channels can be expanded in pairs of two. Especially configurations like 2 or 4 analog input channels and 6 analog output channels are very suitable for mastering or multi track productions where only few analog input channels are used simultaneously but monitoring in 5.1. is essential.


24 bit PCM sample rates up to 384 kHz, DXD and DSD
AX24 is based on the Digital Audio Denmark high quality multi bit converter and modulator design, using a 5 bit delta sigma modulator. AX24 offers A/D and D/A conversion in PCM up-tp 384 kHz, DSD at 64fs or 128fs and DXD at a sample-rate of 352.8 kHz. AX24 covers applications for music recording as well as mastering and monitoring in DSD.

Analogue Mic Pres - Digital Control
Mic pre with analog gain in 3 dB steps and digital gain with 0.25 dB accuracy is available for AX24 providing a sonically very transparent integrated Mic pre and ADC design. The Dynamic range is between 118 & 121 dB and the Mic pre equivalent noise floor is at -130 dB. AX24 offers an impressive dynamic range , making it the quietest and most transparent converter on the market.

Modular Interface Structure 
all-modules_mediumAll DAD-I/O modules are available for AX24 providing interfacing for the most used PCM formats up-to 96 kHz. Additionally the 8 channel AES3 module can interface 192 kHz and 384 kHz on a multiple wire interface. 

MADI_smallThe MADI interface, supports all the sampling formats of the AX24, and is an extremely powerful and capable interface which input and output all the PCM rates up-to 192 kHz as well as DSD and DXD. The interface can be configured to operate in a daisy chain for connecting more converters to the same MADI link. The MADI interface and the converter can be set to access any of the up-to 64 MADI channels in any confuration in blocks of 8 consequetive channels. All "unused" channels are linked trough the interface with very low latency of only a few samples. 

Full Remote Control via USB or Ethernet
AX24 is ideally suited for stage box applications or machine room environment, due to the powerfull remote control. The remote control interface is RS-422 nad can be adapted to USB, Ethernet or other data formats providing a very flexible control structure.

DADman Software
The DADman control utilities, provides various control interfaces for MAC and PC. This enables the Mic pre controls can be represented on the channel strip of major consoles, and various DAW including ProTools HD.

Digital Synchronization and Alarm
External synchronization to AES 11, Word Clock, Super clock or video (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) . The built-in PLL circuit is able to correct for minor variations in the external sync clock signal, giving a very stable adaptation to the external synchronization signal. If a digital output is chosen with the DA source button, and the digital input for some reason is out of synchronization, the red Sync alarm LED will blink. This function is available to secure that the whole recording system is synchronized. The function can be turned off in the system menu.

Find Even More Info and Inspiration in the AX24 & AX24 PHD Brochures:

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