AX Center | Thunder|Core Audio Interface


Thunderbolt 3 audio interface with dual Mic & Instrument in, dual Headphones & Monitors outputs, built-in PRO|MON monitor control with speaker EQ and two slots for DAD expansion cards. 

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Core 256 | 720 Channels Digital Router and Monitoring Computer Interface


Core 256 may not take up much space, but the power you can squeeze out of this little box might just make your jaw drop to the floor. With tons of channels, a wide palette of digital connectivity, built-in SPQ processing, Eucon control compatibility, internal summing engine and drivers for macOS and Windows 10, it is a pristine digital audio interface by any measure and for just about any application. 

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AX64 | Next-Gen AD/DA/DD & Audio Routing Computer Interface


AX64 is a multi-format modular audio Interface, A/D and D/A converter, router and monitoring system with 256 ch. Thunderbolt 3, 256 ch. Dante I/O, MADI 64 ch. BNC I/O, 16 Ch. ADAT dual TosLink, which can also be  2 ch. S/PDIF, as well as built-in Pro|Mon with 512x64 ch. summing and 64 ch. speaker EQ processing. 

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AX 32 | AD/DA Converter & Digital Audio Matrix


AX32 is your digital audio swiss knife and chameleon. It is your audio routing centerpiece, digital format converter, worldclass AD/DA converter and monitor controller. Quite simply, AX32 changes seamlessly between workflows in seconds, optimizing your production time and efficiency. 

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PRO | MON  Monitor Control Option for AX32 and DX32


Complete monitor control is an essential part of an efficient workflow if your deliver in surround or 3D audio formats. Set up any monitoring workflow with AX32 or DX32 and add Pro|Mon license for dedicated monitoring features such as bass management, room correction and more. 

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DADlink | High-Speed Audio Connection


DADlink is a proprietary audio format that establishes a super-fast highway between DADlink-compatible units such as AX64, AX Center, Core 256, AX32, and more. Depending on the samplerate, you can transfer up to 128 bidirectional channels between units at zero latency. 

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MOM  Monitor Operating Module


In a world that seem to be gradually moving towards working and mixing 'in the box', there are still situations where hands-on control is second to none. Monitor control is one of those cases. Enter MOM - our Monitor Operating Module.

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SPQ Speaker Processing Card


The SPQ system consist of a DSP card that you can install in one of the 8 card slots of AX32. The SPQ Speaker Processor System is extremely flexible and you can match it to any speaker configuration, including immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos.

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Dante / AES67 Expansion Card


AX32 already support 64 channels of Dante IP Audio via an optional module, but in an effort to meet demand for an even higher channel count, our an optional expansion card adds another 128 channels to your digital audio-routing matrix.

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DADman Control Software (PC & Mac)


DADman is a control software application for AX32, DX32 and AX24. DADman v.5.x runs on Windows PC with W7/W8 and Mac with OS X version 10.9, 10.10. and 10.11. It also supports the NTP Penta 720 and Penta 721 units. 

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