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How to Set up MOM to Take Total Tactile Control

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25-05-2018 kl. 14:25


If you add the optional PRO | MON license for AX32, it can be configured to become a super-flexible and powerful monitor controller. And to optimize your studio workflow even more, add the MOM hardware controller for hands-on operation and total control - for multiple users and roles if you add more MOM units. 

Pro Tools Expert paid our booth a visit during the BVE show in London earlier this year and got the details as well as some background info about our MOM (Monitor Operating Module).

Originally, the PRO | MON license was developed with operation from Avid's S6 console in mind, as it supports the EUCON remote control protocol. But of course, not every studio uses an S6 console. And we wanted to come up with a hands-on solution of our own as well.

Basically, a MOM units has 10 keys and a large rotating knob for controlling the audio level. But each key can be configured to control just about anything from the DADman software with the PRO | MON license, and on top of that, there are four layers that you can also configure absolutely as you see fit. In short, you can access up to 40 parameters from a single MOM unit.

The layer function, however, was not developed with that much control for one user in mind. The idea was rather to be able to define up to four different user roles in which the keys layout may be customized. This could be for a producer, another for an engineer and a third for the talent. Of course, if you need each to have simultaneous control from different locations, you can add multiple MOM units to the same audio network and still benefit from being able to pre-define specific user roles.

As an example, the largest MOM installation we have made this far is with five MOM units on the same network. Each has been configured for a user role and they are in different locations, but since for instance Talk Back is a global function, everybody can access that from his or her own location. 

Another clever thing about the MOM is that it has a summing mixer in case you set it up to switch individual stems in a mix on and off in stead of independent audio sources. All you have to do is to configure the routing in the DADman software.

MOM unit connect to an AX32 or DX32R unit over Ethernet and can also be powered this way (PoE), and if you want to connect a footswitch for e.g. Talk Back it is also possible.

Rewinding quickly to the Avid S6 console... Even if you have one of those in your studio, you can use MOM units to expand the monitor control setup and flexibility. Both MOM units and an S6 work via the EUCON protocol, and changes made on the MOM unit and the S6 would follow each other if that is what you need in your workflow.

Well, check out the video below and see how you can actually set up a MOM unit in the DADman software with the PRO | MON license.   


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