Core 256 and AX64 Shipping Status

20-12-2022 kl. 11:58


Core 256 and AX64 Shipping Status

2022 became the year where we saw reopening of the tradeshows in our industry. We were pleased to see many of you face to face again at NAB in Las Vegas, NAMM in Anaheim, IBC in Amsterdam and AES in New York, as well as at various local shows and events.


One topic that came up again and again throughout the year, regardless of whether we spoke with manufacturers, distributors, dealers or end users was the shortage of components, preventing a lot of new products from actually shipping.

And of course, we have not gone by unaffected by the global supply chain challenges, which to a large degree – but not exclusively – was centered around a lack of microchips on the market due to lack of production capacity on the microchip-wafer manufacturing plants around the world.

DAD-waferSo, while we did announce the Thunder|Core products in 2022 and the first batch is out there routing and converting digital audio as we speak, we still have many units on backorder due to lack of key components. 

Therefore, we took a hard decision to acquire the components we needed via alternative sales channels even though the cost in some cases was at a 10X factor in order to be able to manufacture products at all. Though this does not affect the product quality in any way, it unfortunately affects the price.

So, this has forced us to take another and even harder decision to add a surcharge / priority fee to every unit sold. In order to provide a delivery schedule at all, this surcharge is the back-to-back additional production cost, with no revenue added either by NTP or our sales partners.

Once the availability of the components has normalized, the pricing will go back to the regular list price. Even though we hope this will happen fast, it may not be before end of 2023.

DAD-core-256-ax64With the close talks we have had with our sales partners during this year the message was that we all understood the situation: A choice between making the units with an additional cost or simply not being able to deliver units for the time being. 

While that was a comforting message, enabling projects and installations to actually be planned and completed, we are painfully aware of the impact it may have on customers with multiple units on order or with smaller facilities. We also understand that situation!

At this time, we unfortunately don’t have a definite answer to when you’d be able to get units at regular pricing, as the components situation has not yet changed radically. 

Once again, we hope that you understand the reason why we have taken this highly unusual step, as we on the other hand also understand your situation and respect if you should decide to pull your order and wait for better times.

If you care to read further about the reasons for the current supply problems for electronic components, there are various reports available. For instance, we refer to this document: 'Chippageddon: Outlook on Semis Supply Chain' by Ronald Singh (September 2022)...


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