Recording Tips from Underwood Studio's Craig Field 

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06-03-2020 kl. 10:46

Recording Tips from Underwood Studio's Craig Field 

Craig Field is using an AX32 in his studio and has produced a series of videos on how to use microphones for recording various instruments.

Craig Field is also using several microphones by Sony, and the video series is created for Sony Australia, but as it can be seen in the videos, there is certainly an AX32 running in the background, gathering the signals from the mics and converting them to the digital domain for recording in the DAW.

The first video is an introduction to the series, and from then on, you can zoom in on capturing dedicated instruments with Craig:

- Cello
- Guitar
- Piano
- Saxophone
- Singer/Songwriter
- Drums

Note! Please click on this symbol:

dad-underwood-1-7 the upper right corner of the below video to unfold the full playlist of videos. 

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