AX32 Takes Part in Immersive Research Project 

03-03-2020 kl. 15:55


AX32 Takes Part in Immersive Research Project 

An academic research project at UCL at Here East in London includes an AX32 along with 12 Genelec speakers on a Dante network.

Principal investigator, Professor Jian Kang, is leading a group of seven researchers to study soundscapes within an ERC Advanced Grant. Specifically, the team is looking to better understand, measure, and ultimately control soundscapes. To do this, the team at UCL worked with our UK distributor, HHB Communications, to design a studio that could be used to accurately reproduce and study the recordings the research team has captured.

dad-hhb-2The room hosts twelve Genelec 8331 SAM™ three-way coaxial monitors set up on trusses, allowing them to be moved around as the research requires. The room is also Dante® enabled with an AX32 router which helps to simplify the reproduction of spatially accurate sonic environments, regardless of reproduction format. 

While the room was designed for the soundscape research team, this unique and flexible set up can be used for a wide variety of other applications, from sound design to music or post-production.

“Now the listening lab at Here East is available for the team  to conduct research as well as offer  students the ability to work with immersive audio,” said Professor Kang.

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