Three AX32 Units in Two Locations at The Royal Danish Academy of Music

12-12-2019 kl. 11:52

DAD-kongekons-studio-mainThree AX32 Units in Two Locations at The Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Royal Danish Academy of Music just opened an immersive audio hall, routing-powered by an AX32, but in the main studio you will find an additional two AX32 units...

We recently paid the Royal Danish Academy of Music a visit to learn more about how they utilize their AX32's around the building. Associate Professor and Head of Tonmeister Studies, Jesper Andersen, gave us the tour and shares his thoughts on music, traditional productions and the new immersive possibilities within The Royal Danish Academy of Music.  

So, we actually have two different user stories in the making, but for now, please check out this great video from our Danish pro audio colleagues, Dynaudio Pro, as they provided the +40 speakers for the immersive hall!

Please stay tuned for these two stories and in the meantime, you can learn more about AX32 here...


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