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AX32 as the Audio-Routing and Monitoring Centerpiece in a Film Post Production

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26-02-2017 kl. 16:20

In recent years, AX32 has become the industry standard when it comes to handling the audio-routing in large Pro Tools setups. Obviously, this is due to its capability of handling virtually any digital format, as well as analog, and convert freely between them in a 1,500 x 1,500 audio channel matrix. But equally important it integrates easily thanks to its Eucon control compatibility, which basically means that you can control almost everything hands-on from a Eucon control surface such as the Avid S6.


This video is from an Avid training session in Japan, and while the presentation is in English, there is a live translation going on. The first part is about the Pro Tools system, but if you fast forward to 15:12, there is a great presentation of the AX32 and how it can serve as the audio-distribution mastermind behind the scenes - including as a monitoring system with the optional Pro | Mon license engaged.


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