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AX32 in the Middle at Sound Generation

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26-02-2017 kl. 12:56

ax32-sound-generationSound Generation is one of the many great studios in Manhattan, NYC. And when you have an Avid Icon console, outboard and effects gear from Rupert Neve Design, Manley, Cranesong, SSL, Bricasti, Chandler and Millennia, microphones from Neumann, Telefunken and AKG and Klein+Hummel monitors... Then you need some serious AD/DA converters and a super flexible audio-routing setup. That's where we come in.

Yes, two AX32 units sit comfortably in the rack, doing what they do best, creating amazing workflows.

Sonic Scoop's David Weiss visited the lower Manhattan studio for a chat with owner and engineer, Andrew Mittelman, who explains how the AX32 units convert and distribute their audio signals:

"The (2) DAD AX32 serve as the digital routers and master clock for the entire studio: 128 I/O via HD connectors to Pro Tools, 128 I/O via MADI to the DiGiGrid network (MGO units), 48 AD/DA via MADI to the Mytek 8×192 (soon to be replaced with the new Mytek 16 channel AD/DA units which will be released in 2017), and 48 digital I/O via AES/EBU connections to all reverbs/effects as well as computer audio (Mutec MC-1.2 <> Mutec MC-6) and ISDN.

All monitoring is done in the digital domain using the AX32 with the Pro|Mon option installed. The Trinnov MC Optimizer corrects frequency, phase, amplitude, position and delay and also is the bass management system with the option to cross-over the main stereo speakers to the subwoofers. The AX-32 routing is unique in that it allows the Trinnov optimizer to seamlessly integrate with the outputs to the monitors as an insert."

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