AX32 Video Review in 4 Parts by Pro Tools Expert

03-05-2017 kl. 12:08

Pro Tools Experts didn't choose their name by random, chance or mistake. And Julian Rodgers is one of the excellent chaps that put the 'expert' in PTE.

We sent him an almost-fully-loaded AX32 to play with, which resulted in a video review in no less than 4 parts, each covering specific topics. It is a general review, but there is a certain focus on how the AX32 can be implemented and used within a Dante AoIP environment.

The first part simply provides a good overview that should give you the basic, as well as the knowledge to move on to part 2. So, let's start by watching the introduction: 

Next up is a walkthrough of the DADman control software that is the actual user surface that you will be using on a daily basis once the hardware has been set up initially. This video includes initial IP setup, as well as an overview of the vast routing matrix that is capable of handling up to 1,500 x 1,500 audio streams, which should be enough for just about any pro audio system - networked or not!

Part 3 is all about Dante. For demonstration purposes, a minimal network is set up, only adding a KLANG:quelle headphone preamp. You do, however, get to learn how to unite and connect devices on a Dante IP audio network:

The final part sums up the review and Julian shares his conclusions on the AD converters, analog preamps, the DADman software, digital clocking, etc. In short, the conclusion is that it is fit for being the central point in any pro audio application and workflow, which was exactly what we ment for it to be in the first place.

Please learn more about AX32 here...


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