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Le Balcon in Paris Chooses AX32 for AD/DA Conversion

18-09-2017 kl. 11:45

We are happy to announce that our sales parther in France, Areitec, has helped the modern, classical ensemble Le Balcon find the perfect AD/DA converter solution, having decided on an AX32 to convert the signals to and form a Yamaha CL5 console for their demanding live productions.



Le Balcon was founded in November 2008 and is a flexible and modern classical ensemble that varies in size from production to production. Ultimately, it gathers up to 30 musicians, composers, sound engineers, directors and koreographers. 

The core drivers of Le Balcon are Musical Director, Maxime Pascal, Sound Engineer, Florent Derex , composers, Juan Pablo Carreno and Pedro Garcia-Velasquez, as well as pianist and vocal coach Alphonse Cemin.

We are proud to have an AX32 handle their signal chain on both sides of the digital domain.


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