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Phonoclassical Upgrades with an AX32

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18-08-2017 kl. 09:54

phonoclassical-dad-ax32Phonoclassical, based in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca in Spain, has specialized in recording and production of classical and jazz music productions. Acoustic music that usually requires maximum transparency and clarity in terms of pure sound capturing and reproduction.

Their team has more than 15 years of experience, having worked globally with some of the most renowned orchestras, conductors and ensembles. And a genuine respect for sound and music is a key priority when working with talented artists.

According to Phonoclassical, the sonic aesthetic of a recording is defined in several ways, one of the important factors being the recording approach taken by the tonmeister - another being the particular type of music and ensemble. For instance, a baroque string quartet will require different sonic qualities than a full orchestra playing 21st century music. 

To capture the artists' sonic qualities with the greatest possible attention to detail, Phonoclassical records with our preamps and A/D converters, using an AX32 being fed with the signals from a variety of microphones DPA, Schoeps and Neumann microphones.

Iker Olabe, sound engineer and founding partner of Phonoclassical, along with Michael Doherty and Danilo Alvarez, are the trio that drives the company's day-to-day operations, and according to Iker Olabe, the difference in sound quality of the DAD AX32 compared to other systems is significant.


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