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Immersive Audio Installation Includes MTRX

29-11-2017 kl. 12:34


Queen’s University Belfast SARC welcomes new immersive studio with an MTRX unit as one of the center pieces.

Globally recognised institute the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast has recently installed a brand new immersive sound facility featuring an Avid S6 M10 with MTRX, Dolby ATMOS HE-RMU and Genelec 8040 + 1032 Sub monitoring.

mtrx-queens-university-2In the centre of the new setup sits the Avid Pro Tools S6 control surface offering comprehensive integration with Pro Tools, the DAW of choice for most students on the courses at Queen’s. However, as some students work with other DAWs, the additional ability to be able to control any EUCON enabled DAW made the S6 an obvious and much needed purchase to future proof the studio and accommodate all undergraduates on the several courses run at Queen’s.

At the heart of the I/O and audio-routing setup, a MTRX unit sits comfortably in the rack, and alongside the new immersive sound studio is the Sonic Lab, a unique multi-functional concert hall / research laboratory allowing projection of 3D audio across 48 high quality loudspeakers.

The Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite and HE-RMU will serve both the immersive studio and sonic lab making it possible to present Dolby Atmos content to an audience of up to 150 people.

The studios are used for a wide variety of applications including the recording of pop and classical music, electronic music production, sound design and post production for screen, and mixing for radio and television broadcast.

The entire solution is provided by HHB in the UK.


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