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AX32 on A Masterclass World Tour with DPA Microphones

23-11-2017 kl. 17:16


DPA Microphones are currently touring the world with a series of microphone masterclasses. And they're bringing along an AX32 to be able to present consistent, high-quality sound no matter what the venue.

Next week, they are hosting one of these masterclasses here in Copenhagen, and we will pay them a visit to learn more about exactly how they are utilizing the AX32 on the stage. So, please stay tuned as we will post a more detailed story soon. 

In the meantime, please learn more about AX32 and the DPA World Tour

If you should be located near Copenhagen, there is still time to sign up. Grab the chance to learn from some of the best audio professionals in the industry, as well as listening to great microphones captured through great converters! 


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