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How to Set Up the SPQ Speaker Processing Card for AX32

Monitor Control
29-06-2018 kl. 16:59

In this last video in a series of three, Mike Thornton from Pro Tools Expert talk with our Business Development Manager, Jan Lykke, about how to set up and use the new, optional SPQ card for AX32.

Our new SPQ speaker processing DSP card for AX32 is one powerful addition for sure. With a total of 1,024 independent filters, you get the power to tweak each of your monitor channels with painstaking accuracy.

A single channel can have up to 16 filters added for surgical precision. You can, however, not exceed the total maximum of 1,024 channels, so if you have a system with 128 channels, on average you could apply 8 filters on each. 

The above-mentioned amounts apply to a 48 kHz system with a total maximum of 128 channels, but we do support up to 384 kHz. This simply means that if you operate at 96 kHz you will have 64 channels, 32 channels at 192 kHz and 16 at 384 kHz.

Now, a key point in any advanced monitor control system is Bass Management, and with the optional PRO|MON license for AX32 and DX32R, you obviously get full control here. In fact, if you for instance run a comprehensive Dolby Atmos® system, you can define up to 8 separate channels for individual subs and each of them can be SPQ-treated individually if needed be.

For the speaker channels, you get an impressive host of different filter types to choose from, making sure that you get the exact results that you seek. These include: Parametric EQ, Low Shelving, High Shelving, Low Pass Butterworth, Low Pass Linkwitz-Riley, High Pass Butterworth and High Pass Linkwitz-Riley.

And for the Bass management side of things, you will have the following filter types at your disposal: Low Pass Butterworth, Low Pass Linkwitz-Riley, High Pass Butterworth and High Pass Linkwitz-Riley.

In the video below, you can get even more details, as Pro Tools Expert Mike Thornton talks to our Business Development Manager Jan Lykke about SPQ!  

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