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AX32 Converts in Dynaudio's Impressive Jupiter Measurement Room

14-05-2018 kl. 14:39


The Danish speaker and studio monitor manufacturer, Dynaudio, takes measuring very seriously! That's why they recently initiated a new measurement room that may look futuristic, but certainly has an audible purpose.

The room is named Jupiter, which actually makes a lot of sense, as a massive orbit-like mechanism that rotates freely is the centerpiece in the room. Mounted on this impressive device are no less than 31 measurement microphones that are able to capture the sound of the speaker in question from just about any angle imaginable.

Furthermore, the 13m x 13m x 13m room and signal processing design ensures that the reflections don’t influence the measurement, which in turn gives some extremely precise and reliable test results. This is only possible using a high quality audio interface.

ax-32-cropThis brings us to yet another centerpiece. One that works behind the curtains - an AX32 that handles the A/D conversion of all 31 mic signals, as well as 8 channels of D/A conversion.

stephen-entwistle-dynaudio-2Dynaudio's Senior Designer, Acoustics, Stephen J. Entwistle explains: "We use an AX32 for both ADC and DAC (8 channels for individual drivers in a loudspeaker) duties in Jupiter, our 13 * 13 * 13 m measuring room.

We chose the DAD AX32 because of the high-quality converters, DADMan interface and the Dante network capability, which allow us to have the converters in the measuring room so we have as short as possible signal runs, but can control everything from a room outside some distance away. We also use the AES output for testing loudspeakers.

Another reason for choosing the AX32 is we have the ability to expand when necessary because of its in-built flexibility."

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