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Sound Generation in New York Adds MOM to the Studio

Monitor Control
05-02-2018 kl. 11:30


Studio Manager and Chief Engineer, Andrew Mittelman, chose AX32 for the studio's audio-routing years ago. Now, he has added tactile monitor control by adding one of our new MOM units. 

ax32-sound-generationSound Generation expanded their AX32 units with the Pro | Mon monitoring control license. "I have always admired the design, functionality and aesthetic of the Pro | Mon software and would like to use it exclusively for monitor control, which is why I have been eagerly inquiring about the release of the Monitor Operating Module.

I have had success controlling Pro | Mon from the Avid Control app for the iPad, but would prefer a physical solution to talkback, mute, level etc.," said Andrew Mittelman. 

sound-generation-mom-mainWe were pleased to hear from Andrew that he has now integrated a MOM unit in the Sound Generation studio, as he sent us this comment:

"I am now the happy owner of a new MOM. Just want to write to say that the implementation and interface is fantastic. I recently added 32 AD/DA to the (2) AX32 units that are used as the main I/O in the studio.

Thank you very much for a great product."

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