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04-01-2017 kl. 10:26

Digital Audio Denmark is now introducing a new 8 channel AD/DA and DD converter in the ADDA 24 series called ADDA 2408, which is tailored for multi-channel recording applications.

The ADDA 2408 is based on the unique anti-AID design known from the Digital Audio Denmark stereo converter ADDA 2402.

The ADDA 2408 offers the standard sample rates from 44,1 kHz to 96 kHz with a resolution of 24 bit. The high sample rates can operate on double wire and double speed interfaces for maximum flexibility.

The ADDA 2408 has many unique features including: 8 channels microphone pre-amp with adjustable delay time, phase and low cut filter, digital 8 channels sub-mixer with level, solo, balance and MS stereo listening, dither for 16, 18 and 20 bit recording, external synchronisation via Word Clock, Super Clock, AES11 or Video, sample-rate converter, 21 led peak meters and 2 channel DA converter with level adjustment. Because of the very precise 5 ppm internal oscillators the ADDA 2408 can be used as a reference studio master clock as well.

A variety of expansion card can be added to the unit including: 8 channel DA interface, 4 channel DA interface with level control for 5.1 applications, 8 channel AES/EBU digital interface, ADAT digital interface, TDIF digital interface, which supports 96Khz sampling compatible with the REd system from Soundscape . Further more Interfaces for other major HD recording systems are also available.

The ADDA 2408 is designed with high performance specifications such as: AD conversion > 117 dB (A), THD + N > 110 dB, DA conversion > 117 dB (A). 
The unit can be remote controlled through MIDI or USB, and will therefore not only appeal to recording, post production and broadcast studios, but can also be used as a stage box with digital split for live performance applications. 

The suggested introduction retail price is EUR 5,498 + VAT, for a standard unit with one 8 channel digital interface expansion card and one stereo AES/EBU, S/PDIF and optical digital interface expansion card, thus offering a unique price performance ratio.


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