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Technical Papers

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   The advantages of DXD for SACD, Resolution Magazine, July/August 2004 (pdf, 384 kB).

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX24 Microphone preamplifier. Levels and specifications (pdf, 88 kB).

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   Read Paper about Aliasing Intermodulation Distortion (pdf, 384 kB).

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   Read Small Paper about Dither (pdf, 63 kB).



Installation guides

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX24 Installation guide (pdf,775 kB)

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX24 Modules description 

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   Installation of DADman and AX24 on Mac with ProTools

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX24 mic-pre control from Pro Tools via MIDI

Power point presentation

NTP_download_thumb_nail-20.   AX24 presentation (ppt 10 MB)

High resolution pictures
AX24 front, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 17 MB)
AX24 front / perspective, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 27 MB)
AX24 back, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 7 MB)

Service note: Reducing noise from the Fan

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX24 Fan (pdf 13 kB)


DAD & AX24 Logos and Posters

High resolution pictures
DAD & AX24 logo (pdf, 0.4 MB)
Poster 1 (zip, 121. MB)
Poser 2 (zip, 136.0MB)



Short form setup guide

DAD HD IO short form setup guide (pdf, 29kB)

High resolution pictures
DAD HD IO front, (jpg 1MB)
DAD HD IO back, (jpg 60 KB)


Axion product flyer (pdf, 277 KB)

High resolution pictures
Axion front, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 8.7 MB)
Axion front / perspective, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 10.6 MB)
Axion back, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 6.8 MB)

ADDA 2408

ADDA 2408, User manual (pdf, 560 KB)
ADDA 2408, Quick start guide (pdf, 1.4 MB)
ADDA 2408, Quick start guide (Powerpoint, 10 MB)

ADDA 2408 product flyer part 1 (pdf, 328 KB)
ADDA 2408 product flyer, part 2 (pdf, 803 KB)

ADDA 2408 powerpoint presentation (8.8 MB)

High resolution pictures
ADDA 2408 front, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 7.0 MB)
ADDA 2408 front / perspective, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 9.8 MB)
ADDA 2408 back, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 10 MB)

ADDA 2408-r

ADDA 2408-r product flyer (pdf, 702 KB)

High resolution pictures
ADDA 2408-r front / perspective, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 7.2 MB)
ADDA 2408-r back, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 8.9 MB)

ADDA 2402

ADDA 2402, User manual (pdf, 506 KB)
ADDA 2402 word clock, User manual (pdf, 562 KB)

ADDA 2402 product flyer part 1 (pdf, 163 KB)
ADDA 2402 product flyer, part 2 (pdf, 64 KB)

High resolution pictures
ADDA 2402 front, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 1.9 MB)
ADDA 2402 perspective, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 7.0 MB)
ADDA 2402 AES back, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 5.2 MB)
ADDA 2402 Word Clock, high-resolution picture (zipped tif, 2.7 MB)

The ultimate choice for High Reliability and High Performance Audio Routing and Audio Processing.

NTP products are designed and manufctured for a long life. Your advantage, but due to innovation and new technology some products are replaced.

In case you have technical questions or need support for products not listed on this page, please mail

Reliability, innovation and years of expirience.

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