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 AX32 8 to 48 channel AD/DA Converter
and digital audio matrix


Pristine AD and DA converter with superb sonic quality, versatile I/O structure and IP Audio via Layer 3 Ethernet. AX32 follows the track of the AX24 with an enhanced performance in terms the sonic quality of the AD and DA convertion, up-to 48 analogue audio channels and a flexible digital signal interface, routing and distribution structure.

 Product highlights:


Flexible AD/DA interface configuration, with mic-pre optionVersatile digital interface structure

Easy control of converter parameters

  • 8 to 48 analogue channels
  • 8 channels on a card
  • 8 ch. Line in AD card
  • 8 ch. Line/Mic pre in AD card
  • 8 ch. Line out DA card with output level control
  • Sample rates 44,1 kHz up-to 384 kHz/DSD
  • High precision internal clock and PLL
  • 8 AES3 I/O interfaces
  • MADI coax and optical I/O
  • 64 channel interface for Pro Tools (TM)
  • Ethernet IP audio interface for 64 I/O channels using Dante(TM)
  • Synch via word clock, AES11, Video, and all digital I/O
  • Adapt to incoming sample rate
  • Optional channel patching and multiplexer engine
  • Settings control via front panel knobs and large LCD display
  • Operation via DADman control software for Windows and OSX
  • Ethernet control interface
  • Compliant with the Dante Ethernet controller 

A total of 8 card slots are available in the chassis frame. 6 slots can be used for analogue cards each with 8 channels giving a total of 48 AD/DA input and outputs.

The standard interface has the following capability:

  • 8 AES3 I/O on two D25 connectors with 16 mono channels
  • MADI I/O on BNC connectors with 64 mono channels
  • Interface for Protools on SDR (min) connectors with 16 or 64 mono I/O channels


  • Interface for IP Ethernet control and IP audio on two redundant RJ45 connectors with 64 mono I/O channels powered by Dante.

    Note that IP Audio via Dante is an option that has to be ínstalled in the AX32.


Rear panel layout






AX32 is the ultimate choice for an A/D or D/A converter font-end or digital format converter for recording or mastering applications where 8 to 48 channels of analogue inputs or outputs are needed. Further more AX32 provides a versatile digital interface structure, and audio interfacing via IP L3 Ethernet.

Designed for flexibility, reliability, easy operation and maximum quality of sound.

Comprehensive range of digital interfaces and sample rate formats for meeting many applications

DAD provides reliability, innovation and years of expirience. 

Related information

 Download Brochure 

NTP_books_thumb_nail-20.gif.gif   AX32 Brochure 

Ethernet IP Audio is powered by Dante.


Dante is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.

Read more about Audinate..

The following Dante software products and tools are availabe from Audinate for the Dante Technology:

  • Dante Virtual Sound Card 
  • Dante Controller 
  • Dante Netspander  

Adopters of the Dante Technology within Pro Audio with active products

  • Yamaha
  • SSL
  • Allen & Heath
  • Shure Inc.
  • Focusrite
  • JoeCo
  • Soundcraft
  • Behringer



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