Frozen Fish Design Creates Custom S6 Tray for MOM 

Monitor Control
14-05-2019 kl. 13:55


Many recording and post production studios are built around an Avid S6 control surface these days, and quite a few of them also rely on MOM hands-on monitor control. Now, the two can be completely integrated.

Frozen Fish design in the UK creates custom solutions for mixing consoles, and as they have also recognized the wide use of Avid S6 consoles, it seemed like an obvious choice to tap into its platform that is already modular by nature.


We met Frozen Fish Design owner and Director at BVE 2019 in London and saw their custom MOM tray for the first time.

Then, at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas we finally got a chance to see it installed in an actual console - and it looks great!

In short, the tray is super easy to install and it has been designed to let the Ethernet cable run on the rear side, while aligning the surface of the MOM smoothly with the surface of the console.


Obviously, this is a solution of convenience, and it doesn't alter the functionality in any way, shape or form. 

But in terms of a practical workflow and keeping your work area clean and cable-free it is just a very elegant solution.

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