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  • New Dante Expansion Card

  • AES Presentation: The Networked Studio: A Dream or Reality?

  • Daily Booth Sessions in Cooperation with Audinate

  • SPQ Speaker Processing and Pro|Mon 

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Please stop by Booth #331 at AES in New York. Find out how to liberate your audio streams and take them on a Route 1088 round trip. Touring life on the road has never been more flexible!

The annual AES Show in New York is always a highlight in the Pro Audio calendar. We will be at the show again this year, and we will bring along a brand-new Dante expansion card for AX32 that is bound to change the game in applications where several, otherwise independent Dante networks, need to be connected.

The DAD AX32 has already become widely recognized as a Swiss Army Knife for converting and routing between audio formats. Now, we sharpen that knife once again by adding massive Dante/AES67 IP Audio bandwidth.


AX32 comes with support for 64 channels of Dante IP Audio when you unbox it, but in an effort to meet demand for an even higher channel count, we now introduce an optional expansion card that adds another 128 channels to the digital audio-routing matrix.

Further, with eight slots available for expansion cards, you could ultimately have as many as 1,088 Dante/AES67 channels, including the 64 channels that comes as standard, at 48 kHz.

The new Dante expansion card also offers sample rate conversion as well as dual redundancy network ports in order to maximize reliability, reducing your risk of losing valuable production time.

Independent Sample Rate Conversion  

The new Dante expansion card introduces per-card sample rate conversion, which allows several independent audio networks that run on individual clocks and sample rates to be connected to and unified in a single DAD AX32.

This naturally unleashes a wealth of possibilities for distributing audio across sources and destinations on highly complex setups that e.g. involve sending a feed to an OB truck, while recording at a different sample rate and sending yet another feed to a FOH console or an in-ear monitoring system.

Simply adding more Dante channels may sound trivial, but once you start to think about the actual problems that this amount of channels in combination with independent sample rate conversion is capable of solving, it’s a quite significant improvement of the overall system. For instance, the new Dante card will immediately be able to solve real-world challenges when working with Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite, as well as in recording studios using e.g. the AVIOM monitoring system, but would like to record at a higher resolution.

Further, the internal sample rate converters on the new Dante cards have been developed in-house. We started out developing converters and have never compromised on the quality of our AD/DA converters – or internal sample rate conversion within the digital domain. ‘Digital’ is part of our brand name and we take that very seriously.

Learn More About the new Dante / AES67 Expansion Card...

The Networked Studio: A Dream or Reality?

jan-lykke-aes-talk-5During the AES show in New York, our Business Development Manager, Jan Lykke, has been invited to present his 'The Networked Studio: A Dream or Reality?' keynote on the Project Studio Expo Recording Stage. In the program it is listed as 'Session PSE11'.

The presentation will discuss the use of networked audio technologies, such as Audinate's Dante protocol and AES67, in music and audio post-production studios.

It will look at pros and cons of networked technology, what benefits and challenges you may run into, and illustrated with real-life examples.

Further, the topic of latency on in an IP Audio system will also be covered.

Please attend Jan's presentation at the PSE Stage:
Thursday, October 18, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm

Daily Booth Sessions in Cooperation with Audinate

dad-aes-audinate-newThroughout the show, we will host a series of sessions along with our 'booth neighbors' from Audinate. Unsurprisingly, the main theme for these technical presentations will revolve around Dante / AES67 IP Audio solutions.


This obviously includes our AX32 and the new Dante Expansion Card, but in a general Dante context with a view to real-world applications and solutions, which also spans details regarding Dante Domain Manager.

If you are at the show, come by Booth #331, as we will host presentations all days every hour, on the hour! 

Please click on the schedule to the left to see a larger version.

SPQ Speaker Processing and Pro|Mon 


Our new SPQ Speaker processing expansion card for AX32 has just started shipping recently, and we will of course have an SPQ card installed at the booth for you to experience and explore. 

Overall, it is part of an advanced monitoring solution for AX32 that also covers the MOM (Monitor Operating Module) hardware monitor controller and the Pro|Mon license that unleashes the powerful monitor control features of the DADman software.


October 17-19, 2018
Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Booth #331
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

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