We're at Broadcast Asia 2018 with Our Regional Distributor CDA Pro Audio 

20-06-2018 kl. 13:52

Please meet us and get the latest details and a hands-on demo at booth 6B1-01 at this year's Broadcast Asia in Singapore from June 26th to June 28th.

At the show, we will have a full-blown PRO|MON|3 solution at hand, including the MOM hardware monitor controller along with AX32. We will also bring the latest from NTP Technology with a special focus on Penta 720 and AX32 compatibility with Audinate's Dante Domain Manager, as well as an updated version of the NTP Router control software VMC that has now reached version 3.

Broadcast Asia 2018 Show Info
June 26 - 28, 2018.
Tuesday: 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday: 10 am - 6 pm
Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm

CDA Pro Audio - booth 6B1-01
Suntec Singapore Convention Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard
Suntec City
Singapore 039593

Hands-on Booth Demos


Our Sales Director, Mikael Vest, will be at the booth along with our partners from CDA Pro Audio to show you our solutions within broadcast production as well as transmission.

Whether you are looking for truly flexible and innovative routing solutions, also including IP Audio via Audinate's Dante protocol or AES67, or advanced monitor control, we have the tools that will help you take a huge leap forward.  

MOM - Monitor Operating Module

In a broadcast production world that seems to be gradually moving towards working and mixing 'in the box', there are still situations where hands-on control is second to none. 

Monitor control is one of those cases. 

MOM is the perfect, tactile match for the AX32 or DX32R units equipped with the optional PRO|MON|3 monitor control license. The MOM is a remote control, connected via Ethernet, and no audio is actually passing through the unit. The audio-routing magic happens within the AX32 or DX32R and is set up via the DADman software. But once you connect the MOM, the magic now resides right at your fingertips.

Read More About MOM Here...

NTP Technology Penta 720 and Penta 721 as Audio Multi Format Dante Routers


With Dante AoIP getting more and more leverage in today’s broadcast environment, the need for easy and flexible control of audio routing and signal flow is increasingly relevant and more challenging than ever.

NTP Technology is introducing advanced routing solutions with its new Dante/AES67 Penta 720 and Penta 721 audio routers. These new rackmount units allow more Dante channels and provide full compliance with the new Dante Domain Manager software for management of multiple network domains and IP subnets.

NTP’s Penta 720 is a 2U modular 1,500 x 1,500 audio router with a variety of analog and digital interface options such as Dante/AES67, MADI, AES and 3G-SDI embedding/de-embedding. The units have dual power supplies and support hot swap of the 8 configurable interface cards. The new Penta 721 is a 1U digital-only unit, with dual power supplies, supporting Dante/AES67, MADI and AES.

With NTP’s new Penta units, broadcasters can manage and route Dante channels with greater speed and simpler functionality using the DADman control software, the NTP VMC database driven control system, or a third party system via the Probel SW-P-08 control protocol.

With increased focus on network security in today’s broadcast environments, OB trucks, and performance venues, managing the access to the AoIP network becomes essential. This is why the Penta audio routers can be integrated with Dante Domain Manager  which provides AoIP user rights management.

In cases where multiple subnets are a part of the network configuration, the Dante Domain Manager can also be used for bridging audio between subnets. Domains can be set up to target defined groups of units across the network, and within the domains a Penta can be used for routing as well as audio I/O.

Penta 720 Dante/AES67 Router and Audio I/O



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