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Post production for film, broadcast and video games require flexible systems that are ready for many different workflows and monitoring formats. AX32 is your perfect audio routing centerpiece, DD converter, monitor controller and IP Audio hub, connecting all of the dots when mixing in the box. Further, these benefits are also highly relevant in live sound productions.

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Audio quality is always a critical factor in music production and mastering. Your microphones, outboard gear and monitors are top of the line, but there is one more link that affects your signal just as much. Converting audio from analog to digital and back is a critical process - and it makes a real and very audible difference. That's why we take AD/DA conversion very seriously.

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When you record on location, your primary goal is simply to capture the moment just perfectly. The A/D converters of the AX32 are as clean and transparent as it gets. And if you add the microphone preamp input card, you get some of the cleanest analog inputs you could ever find. Essentially it's like a WYHIWYG solution - What You Hear Is What You Get!

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Goldcrest post

Goldcrest Post Production in London is one of the world’s leading post production houses for film, and with two Dolby Atmos mixing theaters, Goldcrest often work on major productions.

“The AX32 makes it very easy for us to switch between 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 and 7.1+4 for Dolby Atmos or DTX:X Home Theatrical. AX32 Routing presets match monitoring formats in the BSS, making it very quick and extremely reliable for us to change between them.”

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craig bauer

Craig Bauer is a seasoned, Grammy-winning audio professional with a strong need and desire to optimize his studio workflow to the highest degree possible. So why not go for gold?

"If you ask whether there is an audible difference in the audio quality of the AD/DA convertors…

Simply put, if they weren't better sounding than the alternatives, then I would not be using them. That decision was easy.”

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jean-martial golaz

Being a location recording engineer requires an amazing skillset, but Jean-Martial Golaz takes on a number of roles that reach far beyond placing the microphones and hitting ‘record’.

"I was particularly impressed with how natural and ‘true analog’ the preamps sound: 

Outstanding transparency, impressive dynamics and so much density, but without any harshness in the upper frequencies.”

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AX32 is your digital audio swiss knife and chameleon. It is your audio routing centerpiece, digital format converter, worldclass AD/DA converter and monitor controller. Quite simply, AX32 changes seamlessly between workflows in seconds, optimizing your production time and efficiency.

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DX32R gives you the routing flexibility of the AX32 in a compact format. You can't expand the I/O section to the same extent, but with up to 384x384 audio channels matrix you can virtually create any workflow. And if one is not enough, simply connect multiple units via Audinate's Dante IP Audio protocol.

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Complete monitor control is an essential part of an efficient workflow if your deliver in surround or 3D audio formats. Set up any monitoring workflow with AX32 or DX32 and add Pro|Mon license for dedicated monitoring features such as bass management, room correction and more.

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Post, music, live or location... Nothing makes a satisfied customer like a great-sounding production delivered on time. 

You don’t want to rush anything through, of course, but you also shouldn’t have to waste valuable production time on reconfiguring for new workflows when moving between recording, dubbing, mixing, mastering or various monitoring formats. 

With AX32, you can create and switch effortlessly between even the most complex routing setups, taking advantage of the super flexible 1500x1500 audio channel matrix as well as DD conversion between AES, MADI and Dante protocols. 

Further, you can add AD/DA converter cards for extremely transparent and accurate audio reproduction, encouraging and inspiring you to make wise mix decisions and create amazing productions. In short, convert your studio currency to gold. 

Because efficient workflows can easily be the difference between a happy customer and a remix request or a missed deadline.


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